are we?

A new independent events company, combining entrepreneurial vision, versatility and creativity with the same expertise and attention to detail as the UK’s leading organisers. We’re an experienced team of event professionals who know the built environment and its many industries, and are passionate about its communities.

The Futurebuild team works closely with the industry’s associations, media, bellwether and new emerging suppliers to deliver what the industry needs most from its chosen events, always putting the spotlight on true innovation and excellence, and providing the stage for essential debate and knowledge share around fundamental industry issues.

Being close to the industry is one of our core values, so we welcome suggestions and feedback. As entrepreneurs we’re also very open to ideas and opportunities, and welcome contact from potential partners.


Our flagship event Ecobuild sets the standard for how we run our events. We have a bold vision for Ecobuild, with our absolute commitment and continued investment to fully take on the mandate from the industry to be the platform to showcase innovation and the champion of sustainability for the built environment.

Sustainability is central to our focus at Ecobuild, from the way we run our event to how we do business every day. It’s about who we source from and work with, what materials and energy we use, including printed collateral, through to the build, breakdown and running of the show. Through our activities, messaging and partnerships we are committed to having a positive environmental and social impact on the communities and industries we work within.

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